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Fat Freezing

Lipo Freeze is a procedure that targets fat cells for destruction and natural elimination it is the controlled freezing of fat cells to cause apoptosis(programed cell death), which is the destruction of the fat cell. When fat cells are exposed to temperatures between -1°C and -10°C they undergo crystallization and cell death.


Does This Stuff Really Work?  YES!!! There was a time when all you could do was shrink or enlarge adipose cells. In the past, permanent adipose cell removal involved invasive, expensive and dangerous surgery. Times have changed. With the latest clinically approved technologies it is now possible to eliminate stubborn adipose and cellulite, safely and with no down time or pain.


This treatment in our office is combined with emasculating, electronic muscle stimulation.  Treatment is done over two different appointments on different days.  


One Session Abdomial area(one head)...............................$575.00


One session Sides or outer thigh(two Heads)......................$625.00



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