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Training classes


Collagen Induction Therapy AKA Epidermal Microneedling Training (currenly not offered)


This comprehensive training class will teach the student how to perform the epidermal microneedling treatment to reduce scar and acne scar for beauty and skin care professional. This course is thought by Dr. Nader Harerchan, Chiropractor, licensed esthetician, and registered body art practitioner. The epidermal microneedling as a treatment is part of the California Body Arts training and it does require the individual to have the Bloodborn Pathogen Exposure Control certificate.


The class description:


1- Blood born pathogen training course (BBP) (fee included in tuition), must take this class on line and take test, the BBP is required by health deparment to be able to register the student for body arts training and on the day of students must have their BBP certificate with them. The BBP is mandatory by health department in state of California and no one is allowed to perform any body art treatment or receive training without having this certificate.


2- Training theory and practical aspects. The students will learn what are the pertinent health history questions that could cause the service to be contraindicationed to perform, the method of sanitization, and decontamination  of the working area and how to prepare the skin for the treatment. 


3- Individuals who would like to be able to perform CIT must be registered with health department as a registered body art practitioner as well (fee included in the tuition). 





The students will receive in these written and practical training:


A-    Certificate of completion

B-    Microneedling pen (powered) with 5 tips

C-    Blood born pathogen certificate of completion (included in the tuition)

D-    Pre-post care for the client

E-   Registeration for body art practitioner (included in the tuition)

F-   Training Manual 

G-   Hands on training



Refund and cancelation Policy


The Cancelation and refund for the class will be  at 100% with in 24 hours of registration after 24 hours the fee will transfer to the next session no cash refund; however, if the person has used the code to take the BBP course


(even before the 24 hrs deadline) and even if they are not interested to follow through with this training there will be a $60.00 fee assessed, if the fee for the individual to be registered as body art practitioner has been paid by us


a fee of $130.00 will be assessed before the refund, If BBP code  been used and registration fee to the health department has been paid for the student a fee of $210.00 will be assessed before refund, upon registration of the


student  as abody art practitioner there will be a receipt genarated for the student and will be given to them.      







The cost of this training is $650.00 per person.  We can only have 4 people per class due to the Covid-19 restrictions.

A $25.00 discount will be given per person if two people sign up together and attend together. 


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