Client Testimonials on Cellulite Reduction     


          "I acquired firmness and smoother thighs".  Sonia C.


          "My skin feels tighter".  Miriam B.


          "I lost 8 pounds and I'm happy  -  I swear it works".  Maura S.


          "I've lost pounds and my body started to show a difference, more firm and tightening.  You can tell!   Emma B.



Client Referrals for Chiropractic 


          "I've tried other chiropractors but was not completely safisfied.  Dr. Nader knew exactly what I needed and I've been with him ever since".    Cyruss I.


          "I have been a patient with Dr. Nader for many years.  I will keep going back to him for many more!  We've become friends throughout the years".    John W.


          "Dr. Nader has been adjusting me for years.  I have found his techniques to be gentle and yet very effective.    Stephanie T.